Spotlight on Caramel Notting Hill

It’s funny to think that not so long ago, Notting Hill, as immortalised in Richard Curtis’s film, was officially classed as Middlesex and that this urban, thriving shopping destination of niche, discerning finds was until the 1980s a run down neighbourhood where communities of all different ethnic backgrounds lived cheek by jowl.

Since the area grew to prominence in the 1820s, Notting Hill has had an association with artists and alternative culture. It’s an aesthetic that still rings true today. Our Notting Hill store is a showcase not only for Caramel’s children and baby wear but for our burgeoning

interiors range and where you will find an expertly curated assortment of gifts from animal motif embroidered artwork to Hugo Guinness prints.

Photos by Emma Donnelly (@takeapicturelady)


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