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For a fun insight into everything fashion, lifestyle and design-focused in & around Tokyo we love Abi Loves. We asked Abi to fill us in on a day spent in Daikanyama with her 10 year old son James.

When we get to be just the two of us we like to go to T-site, the best bookstore around with a movie rental service, convenience store, toys (like architecture Lego), mini pop-up shops with lovely seasonal goods from Japan, a Starbucks and a very nice cafe on the 2nd floor called Anjin. My boy gets a ginger soda while I get a nice green tea set that comes with a Japanese pastry. We look through magazines and rent a movie. His favourites at the moment: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Believe and Les Intouchables.

Daikanyama Abi Loves_T-site Anjin

Since a very young age James has loved anything with wheels, so he likes to bring his skateboard with him – and T-Site is great for this. It has lots of trees and is quite spacious for Tokyo. A stop at the toy shop Bornelund to get a new toy car is a must for him.

Daikanyama Abi Loves Sugekari Park

Soon, we are ready to meet friends in nearby Sugekari Park. It’s right next to a temple which makes it especially peaceful and has all the kids need to climb and swing on the playground. There’s even a tiny stream where they can catch tad poles or fish and get their shoes wet.

Daikanyama Abi Loves Sugekari ParkDaikanyama Abi Loves_Matsunoke NY

Later we shop for my friend’s newborn at Caramel Baby & Child and then spoil ourselves with cake at Matsunoke NY – our favorite? Apple pie!

Daikanyama Abi Loves Caramel store

A full day together in Daikanyama-Nakameguro – ready to go home, sleep and dream of next time.


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