Caramel’s selection of baby girl’s clothing is as pretty as it is inspired and offers a pleasing alternative to predictable colour combinations or fussy patterns. This summer, beautiful details abound: from the contrast coloured straps on a salmon pink or ditsy floral dress to Read more

the monochromatic flower print on a two piece romper suit with lace trimmed hems. Caramel’s signature colour palette – a triumph of bold colour mixed with off, muted shades- is very much at play here: salmon pink and rose red are tempered by flashes of lavender, emerald and olive.

Caramel’s signature aesthetic of relaxed shapes and luxurious yet understated silhouettes is reinterpreted each season into a sophisticated, idiosyncratic use of intentionally mis-matched colours in an off-beat colour palette.

Driven by intuition, creativity and passion, Caramel strives each season to design modern classics, creating an original aesthetic unique to the brand. Asides from its own stores, Caramel is a brand which is also sold through more than 100 independent retailers. Recent openings include Ukraine and Kuwait.

A modern success story, Caramel was created by Eva Karayiannis, a former lawyer in 1999, a designer with a strong vision and immense passion. The label was originally conceived to challenge traditional, limited perceptions of childrenswear. Says Eva Karayiannis, “ It seemed to me children either had to wear mass-produced clothes, or expensive glitzy items which were often impractical or anachronistic or both—none of which is what childhood is really about.”

“The company is as old as the century, and coming into its teenage years. We’re growing up. I’ve stopped wondering whether anyone would share my taste, because people have proved that they do. But it is still a very personal company—it's me and people I know. It feels human to me, and I believe our customers feel so too. We make clothes for adventure, but we are also on an adventure ourselves – and that still thrills me every day.” Read less

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